Picosito Watermelon

- $-5.99
  • $5.99

Airheads topped with our house chamoy sauce and secret spices.

  • Size: 4oz.
  • Spice Level: Medium.
  • Made fresh daily. 
  • Authentic Mexican ingredients.

 -Contains Gelatin/Wheat.

-Refunds / Exchanges: Not allowed due to this product being a consumable item.

DO NOT expose to heat; maintain in cool environment.

-Spicy Candy Bar Shipping Policy-

During warm weather months, generally late May through September.

We recommend adding an ice pack to your order.!

All perishable candy that leaves our temperature-controlled warehouse is inspected and verified to be in perfect condition. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your products will arrive in perfect condition and are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures.

**Please note that an ice pack does not guarantee the product won’t be affected by the heat. Always utilize tracking to avoid your package sitting out in the heat for an extended amount of time.**